Front View
In today's environment, whether on a ship or in a building, simple access to the many services is essential.

This product can be used with almost any kind of composite board including plasterboard and has the added advantage of being lightweight and quick to install. In addition it can be adapted to suit brick and plaster wall construction.

Available in almost any size these frames follow the generic construction shown here. The removable panel can often be produced from the cut out section or can be supplied in other materials such as  powder coated steel.

Above is the user view; right  the rear view showing the fixing clamps. Below is a sectional detail.

Rear View


The frame illustrated is equipped with 2 quick release fasteners, on larger panels four may be required. In almost all instances no screw fixings into the panel material are required since the unit is secured by integral clamps. 
Frames can be supplied with a  Neoprene dust strip as illustrated, where safety regulations require.