Provides a totally rigid structure allowing the creation of ducts and voids to house plumbing and electrical services for toilet and washroom areas. It also provides a strong upright for fixing cubicle walls.

The galvanised steel framework accepts a laminated fascia which creates the shadow gap feature. The system is supplied in knock down form giving complete flexibility on-site eliminating the need for factory made timber frames/sub frames. The cleverly engineered support rails provide total vertical adjustment of cross members and panel clips allowing panels to be easily aligned. Pro-Fix removes the need to take last minute site dimensions and provides the installer with the opportunity to overcome unforeseen site obstructions
The connector brackets (PF-115-CB & PF-90-CB) slide within the support rails (PF-6530-R) enabling cross rails to be adjusted in the vertical plane to any desired position before being locked.

By utilising the universal wall floor fixing brackets (PF-6040-AB) the assembled framework can be firmly anchored to the structure as these brackets can be rotated through 90 deg increments on either the vertical or horizontal support rails.

If required a plinth at floor level can easily be formed (against which coving/floor tiles can be laid) by using one or more cross member support rails (PF-6530-R)

Cross member support rails can also be used as a support for ceiling perimeter angle.
Panel support brackets (PF-16-PB) slide individually within the support rail (PF-6530-R) and can be locked in the desired position.

 This feature allows for fine adjustment of the panels enabling the installer to maintain a consistent shadow gap or butt-joint detail.

By attaching one universal wall floor fixing bracket (PF-6040-AB) at any position on the support frame and a second to the wall, a tie bar may be fitted between them giving additional rigidity to the framework. Tie-bars (PF-2525-TB) are available in 2.5 metre lengths and can be cut to any size to suit void depth.

To enhance the shadow gap feature, strips of laminate (by others) can be simply fixed to the support rails by using a special adhesive tape ( PF-G1 15-DS) supplied by RCL Profiles.