Where internal cladding of new or existing buildings is required, for either
aesthetic or functional reasons, Pro-Clad can provide a simple and effective fixing solution.

Utilising a metal support system of horizontal hanger rails and panel clips to provide a concealed fixing for all types of panels including HPL, ceramic & stainless steel faced panels to give a crisp modern appearance.


By using the appropriate non-combustible panel materials, fire resistance
can be significant improved.

The strength of Pro-Clad is derived from the use of tough galvanised steel
support rails combined with multi-formed steel panel clips. Panel clips are
available in either non-adjustable or adjustable format.
 In addition to these benefits Pro-Clad allows up to 10mm of vertical adjustment enabling panels to be easily aligned after initial fixing thus creating perfect butt joints.

A range of fixings including Fischer PA Inserts for HPL panels, can be
supplied to enable clips to be attached to various types of panel