Land Based

There has been significant growth in recent years of  internal cladding in new and existing land based buildings, including steel framed modular units. RCL Profiles have drawn on their experience of jointing systems for decorative and non-combustible boards in marine environments and applied these to both conventional and modular construction on land.

Pro-Clad Wall panel hanging system.


Adjustable panel support system.


  • Battening out and lining interior walls to create a void for insulation and services.

  • Cladding columns

  • Creating double sided, de-mountable partitions,

  • Forming both internal and external corners

  • Creating horizontal and vertical service ducts with hatchways for convenient access. 


  • Allows rapid access to walls, columns and services

  • Will accommodate virtually any board thickness

  • Speeds up and simplifies site installation

  • Reduces need for taking accurate site dimensions and manufacturing special boards to suit

  • Allows boards to be cut to size on site as board edges are covered

  • Covers all exposed edges, hence no edge laminating or finishing required

  • Work can be carried out using readily 
    available standard boards

  • In many cases does away with the need to
    stud out walls prior to panel fixing

  • Panels can be easily changed or replaced

  • Available with  UPVC covers that accept contrasting or matching laminates